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Director of Darul Iman

Dr. Reem Magzoub
(Assistant Professor)

Researcher at National Oilseed Processing Research Institute (NOPRI) - Sudan

Background Info

(Daral Iman)

Darul Iman is a Charitable Organization situated in Ontario, Canada. Founder of a Private University named Zanzibar University in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The University was opened in 1998 as the first university in Zanzibar and It is situated in the Tunguu area, in the Central District, some 12 miles (19 km) from Zanzibar Town. The university campus, with a total area of 170 acres out of which 50 acres are for horticulture


Darul Iman was established with the following Objectives.

  1. To promote the education in the developing countries and regions.
  2. To manage (or run schools), institutions, and conditions.
  3. To share knowledge, and educate people by the means of meetings, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions and lecture publications, respecting community and the receiving countries.
  4. The aim of education will not be limited to one particular country. The less developed countries will be chosen, depending on the Charitable work resources and the response of the receiving countries.
  5. In order to realise these objectives and to create sufficient resources, the Charitable work will develop programs in different countries of the world for donations etc.
  6. To start every activity, including the establishment of works and maintaining the property portfolio in order to generate regular income used for the works activities.
  7. To keep the institution with no political or confessional aspect.
  8. To do any other thing which is comparable with or incidental to the general motive and purpose of the Association whether such thing is mentioned in this constitution or not.

Daral Iman Activities

  1. They are the founder and established Zanzibar University, and so they supervise and fund all the maintenance in the University.
  2. Provision of Scholarships, Loans and Fee Discounts for more than 700 students per year to study at the Zanzibar University.
  3. Investment in various projects such as agriculture in support of the University.

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