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General Application Procedures

All Applications into Non Degree, Undergraduates and Postgraduates are perfomed online via Admission system www.zumis.ac.tz/admission
The academic year begins in October and ends in September of the following year. During the registration, documents are thoroughly checked.
Prospective students are therefore required to bring with them official original transcripts, certificates and other relevant documents as declared on the application forms. Legal action shall be taken against any applicant who presents forged documents.
No change of names by students shall be allowed during the registration or the course of study; students shall only be allowed to use names appearing on their Ordinary Level Certificate.

Application Fees

  • For Non-Degree Applications, Applicants are supposed to pay a non-refundable application fee amounting to TZS 25,000 for Tanzanians and USD 25 for Foreigners.
  • For Undergraduates Applications, Applicants are supposed to pay a non-refundable application fee amounting to TZS 35,000 for Tanzanians and USD 35 for Foreigners.
  • For Postgraduates Applications, Applicants are supposed to pay a non-refundable application fee amounting to TZS 50,000 for Tanzanians and USD 50 for Foreigners.

Selection Procedure

  1. University’s selects candidates for admission solely according to TCU and NACTE guidelines and, therefore, all applicants are advised to abide with the updated criteria provided by the two regulatory bodies.
  2. Nevertheless, each and every academic unit may dictate some additional requirements for the admissions into their programmes and the candidates need to fulfill these additional requirements.
  3. Along with all relevant qualifications of the applicant and proof of payment of application fee, the University’s Authorized Board considers and approves the recommendations of the respective faculty on the suitability of the candidate. Then, confirms the list of the selected candidates for onward transmission to TCU or NACTE.
  4. Admissions Office shall inform the selected applicants about their successful applications and the programmes they have been selected together with the reporting dates, fees, duration of the programme, university’s regulations and other relevant information.

Registration of Students

  1. University shall register students selected to join each program after having been verified by the TCU or NACTE and the registration shall be undertaken not more than 14 days after commencement of the academic year.
  2. Registration closes two weeks after the first day of a new academic semester. Students who fail to register during the first two weeks shall not be allowed to register and be regarded as non-students.
  3. Registration can only be considered if the University receives satisfactory evidence that the prospective student will be adequately financed during the course of the study.
  4. Fees paid for registration is neither refundable nor transferable.
  5. A student may be required to sit for University Entrance Examination if the University finds it necessary.
  6. During registration, students will be required to submit satisfactory medical report to assist University arrange for necessary facilities.
  7. No student shall be registered without paying for or submitting valid NHIF identity.
  8. Prospective foreign students must submit to the Admissions Office or to the Office of Postgraduate Studies and Research a Police Clearance Certificate from their home or country of residence.
  9. Tanzanian students must submit two recent passport size photographs. While Foreign students must submit six passport size photographs.
  10. Continuing students are required to register for the courses to be studied before the end of the first two weeks from the beginning of the academic semester. There will be a fine of TZS. 50,000/= on top of registration fee for students who fail to register within the stipulated time and those who fail to register during the first three weeks shall not be allowed to register and, therefore, be regarded as non-students.
  11. The University shall revoke registration status of any candidate found to have cheated to gain University admission and legal action shall be taken against such a candidate.
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Registration for Previously Discontinued Students

  1. A student who has previously attended any other University and was discontinued on academic grounds may be admitted to this University after being examined and proved to be capable of carrying out studies in the field of study other than the one taken at the previous University.
  2. Candidates discontinued from other Universities on disciplinary grounds or on examination irregularity, may be admitted to this University after two years of discontinuation from the previous university.
  3. A student who has been discontinued from other institutions on academic ground or examination irregularity shall not be allowed to transfer his/her credit but one wishing to continue with University’s education in a different program can do so provided that he/she registers in the next study cycle.
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