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Dr. Abdalla Hassan Gharib

Ph.D in Mobile Communication Networks and Info - (UNIMAS, Malaysia)

Email : abdalla.gharib@zanvarsity.ac.tz

Background Information

(Quality Assurance)

Dr. Abdalla Gharib is a Quality Assurance Coordinator at Zanzibar University (ZU). Since Quality Assurance is a cross cutting aspect, ZU has appointed nine members who are committed to work together with the coordinator in Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) to assure quality standards are maintained in different faculties, sections and directorates as per ZU Quality Assurance Policy and TCU compliancy. The members of QAU are:

  1. Dr. Abdallah Ussi Hamad
  2. Mr. Soud Hamad Ali
  3. Mr. Nassib A. Wazir
  4. Madam Nassra M. Seif
  5. Mr. Mwalim O. Haji
  6. Mr. Hassan H. Saad
  7. Mr. Hafidh A. Hafidh
  8. Mr. Ismail S. Moh’d
  9. Mr. Rashid Salim Rashid

The main duty of the QAU is to conduct a planned and systematic review process of ZU or programme to determine that acceptable standards of education, teaching, learning, research, consultancy, scholarship, administration and infrastructure are being maintained and enhanced.

Furthermore, QAU is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of all Quality Assurance (QA) activities within the ZU. The following are some of the functions of QAU at ZU:

  1. To provide guidance and advise to ZU academic and administrative units on the implementation of QA activities.
  2. To identify QA issues/ problems and recommend appropriate measures for improvement.
  3. To link the ZU with TCU, IUCEA, EAQAN and other related agencies in QA matters within the East African region and beyond.
  4. To advise the DVC – Academic Affairs on QA matters relating to the ZU core functions, namely teaching/learning, research and consultancy.
  5. To coordinate the ZU self-evaluation of QA systems.
  6. To monitor teaching, learning and examination processes at ZU
  7. To coordinate evaluation of courses and staff by students at the end of each semester.

The QAU is responsible for internal and external quality assurance issues and thus focused on (i)all faculties, academic/administrative departments, directorates, units and other institutional structures operating under the umbrella of the ZU,(ii) All staff, who are involved in teaching, research and providing any form of support service to the core functions of the university, (iii) all students who are registered with the ZU, and (iv) all infrastructures, learning resources, governance/ institutional set- up, information dissemination structures and social amenities belonging to the ZU.

QAU envisages a fully committed to quality ZU which treats Quality Assurance not only as culture but also as a stepping stone towards achieving its vision to become a center of excellence with the following but not limited to anticipated benefits: improved student performance and success in learning, improved work performance of both academic and administrative staff, fully satisfied society’s and stakeholders’ interests, expectations and needs, improved institutional and public image, gain national, regional and global competitive edge and more forward looking and focused approach to the implementation of the ZU’s mission activities and future strategic plans. After all, ZU is the spring of knowledge and virtue.

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