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Faculty Dean

Dr. Muhyiddin Ahmad Khamis

PhD in Sharia and law - 2010 (Omdurman Islamic University Republic of Sudan)

Master of Sharia and Law - 2005 (Islamic University of Uganda)

B.A. Sharia and Law - 2001 (Islamic University of Uganda)

Email : deanfls@zanvarsity.ac.tz

Dean's Welcome Message


Assalaam Allaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. We are welcoming all the students in our Faculty of law and Shariah for this academic new year. Furthermore, we remind them to finalize their payments before starting the studies and these regulations of Zanzibar University.

Background Information

The rationale for establishing the Bachelor of Laws is based on the findings of the situational analysis conducted by the Zanzibar University in June, 1998 and the review done in 2018.
The situational analysis findings revealed that the majority of the respondents believed that Law and Shariah programme will help to meet the market demands of lawyers, legal officers, legal practitioners, prosecutors, State Attorney, officers working under Mufti’s office, Kadhis office and the office of the Commission for Wakf including workers at the local, regional and national levels.

This programme therefore sets standards for Law and Shariah which are formulated to stimulate the development of academic programmes in the field of Law and Shariah for Bachelor level of education.
The Standards comprises of specific guidelines on programme aims and educational objectives, programme learning outcomes, programme design (including a proposed programme structure), students admission criteria, student assessment method, criteria for academic staff, educational resources and continuous quality improvement.

The Faculty of Law and Shariah, Zanzibar University offers a four year programme leading to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Law and Shariah (LL.B) combining, both, Common Law and Islamic Law. The purpose underlying this combined nature of studies is to produce a lawyer who is well grounded in Common Law and Islamic Law, and who is capable of practicing both systems of law.


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