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Faculty Dean

Dr. Akly O.L Babi

PhD in Mathematics - 2022 (University of Dar-es-Salaam)

MSc. Mathematics - 1990 (University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, Libya)

BSc. Mathematics - 1984 (University of Al-Fateh, Tripoli, Libya)

Email : deanfos@zanvarsity.ac.tz

Dean's Welcome Note


Dear Students and Visitors, Step into the spring of knowledge, innovation, discovery, and academic excellence at the Faculty of Science, the beating heart of Zanzibar University. Established in 2022, we take pride in being the youngest faculty, but our passion and commitment are boundless. We invite you to:

Embark on a Journey of Knowledge:

As you enter our doors, you're not just students; you are explorers, ready to dive into the vast oceans of scientific understanding. Our faculty, consisting of 35 dedicated lecturers from 6-7 disciplines, is here to guide you through a transformative educational experience.

Bridge Science and Education:

Discover the power of integration with our flagship program, the Bachelor of Science with Education. Here, you don't just study science; you become fluent in its language, blending it seamlessly with the art of education. Imagine graduating not just with one, but with two science disciplines, armed with the skills to educate and inspire.

Choose specializations Tailored for Tomorrow:

Our specialized programs, from Mathematics and Physics to Biology and Information Technology, are carefully designed to align with the dynamic needs of the world. Each specialization opens doors to exciting career paths, from research and academia to cutting-edge roles in IT and environmental science.

Discover Endless Possibilities, Diverse Horizons:

At the Faculty of Science, your journey is not confined to the classroom. The skills you develop here are a passport to diverse career opportunities. Whether you're destined for the frontiers of education, energy, climate, quality assurance, or IT, we provide the launchpad for your aspirations.

Commit to Innovation and Growth:

We may be the youngest faculty at Zanzibar University, but our vision is huge. We're committed to emerging as the most innovative and fastest-growing hub of scientific education and research at Zanzibar University. Stay tuned for our upcoming new undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Join Our Scientific Community:

Beyond academics, we invite you to be part of a vibrant community—a place where ideas flourish, and friendships are forged. Here, collaboration is not just encouraged; it's the cornerstone of our success.

Welcome to the Faculty of Science, unleash your potential, explore the unknown, and be the catalyst for a brighter, knowledge-driven tomorrow. Enroll now and be part of something extraordinary!

Background Information

The Faculty of Science at Zanzibar University is rapidly evolving under the stewardship of a dynamic team comprising more than 30 lecturers across diverse disciplines. As the youngest faculty at Zanzibar University, the Faculty of Science holds the promise of becoming one of the most innovative and fastest-growing academic entity within the University.
The Bachelor of Science with Education Program is the first of our flagship programs. The strength of this program lies in the fact that it empowers students to graduate with expertise in two science disciplines alongside a robust understanding of educational principles and practices. Our Bachelor of Science program allows the following ten combinations.

  1. Mathematics, Physics, Education (Math/Phys. Ed)
  2. Mathematics, Chemistry, Education (Math/Chem. Ed)
  3. Physics, Chemistry, Education (Phys/Chem. Ed)
  4. Chemistry, Biology, Education (Chem/Bio. Ed)
  5. Biology, Geography, Education (Bio/Geog. Ed)
  6. Mathematics, Information Technology, Education (Math/IT. Ed)
  7. Physics, Information Technology, Education (Phys/IT. Ed
  8. Chemistry, Information Technology, Education (Chem/IT. Ed)
  9. Biology, Information Technology, Education (Bio/IT. Ed)
  10. Geography, Information Technology, Education (Geog/IT. Ed)

With this unique program, our graduates enjoy a myriad of career opportunities, spanning over various sectors: Education, Energy, Climate, Quality Control Institutions, Leadership etc. The Faculty of Science is not only committed to its current programs but is actively engaged in designing innovative and marketable programs. Keep an eye out for our upcoming programs as we continue to shape the future of scientific education and research at Zanzibar University.


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