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Dr. Abdalla Ussi Hamad
(Senior Lecturer)

PHD in Islamic Banking and Finance - 2018 (IIUM - Malaysia)

MSc in Finance(Islamic Banking and Finance) - 2013 (IIUM - Malaysia)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance - 2010 (Zanzibar University)

Email : directoriibf@zanvarsity.ac.tz

Director's Message


“It is with immense pleasure and pride that I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to all of you to the Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance at Zanzibar University. As the Director of this esteemed institution, I am both honored and excited to lead an initiative that plays a pivotal role in promoting Islamic finance principles and contributing to the development of Zanzibar's financial landscape.

Our institute's mission is to provide a top-tier education in Islamic banking and finance, fostering an environment that nurtures academic excellence, ethical values, and innovation. To our students embarking on this educational journey, I want to emphasize that you are stepping into an enriching and rewarding experience.

To the wider community and our distinguished guests, I extend an open invitation to engage with us in our mission. Once again, a warm welcome to the Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance at Zanzibar University. Together, we will continue to uphold the principles of ethical finance and contribute to the prosperity of our community and the world at large.” ,

Background History

The Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance, (IIBF), is part of the Zanzibar University as an academic discipline, with its various branches is generally new in Tanzania’s academic arena mainly in the universities. However, the discipline is increasingly being heard of and practically put in practice by some banking institutions like Peoples Bank of Zanzibar, Amana Bank and CRDB among others.

The IIBF has three core activities: to organize and carry out Islamic Banking and Finance related research towards expanding knowledge frontiers, and therein support economic and social development of Zanzibar, Tanzania and Africa at large; to participate in the teaching of Islamic Banking and Finance- related courses in; and to provide professional services to the wider public in the form of scientific advice and dissemination.

Programs Offered by the Institute

Currently, there are only three Programs that are being offered by the ' institute. The Programs are :

  1. Bachelor of Islamic Banking and Finance
  2. Postgraduate Diploma of Islamic Banking and Finance
  3. Masters of Islamic Banking and Finance

Publications from IIBF

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